sexta-feira, junho 08, 2018

“And I guess that's what it comes down here. All of it. Led here. I write a book, I get a TV show, I live my dreams, I meet my hero. Two old men on a beach.

Everything changes. Nothing changes at all.


I came to Scotland this time to shoot an animal in the heart, to take part, to be fully culpable in a practice nearly as old as these hills. You walk this country stalking an animal across the rocks and wet heather, you feel little has changed from how your distant ancestors must have searched for their food, with a rifle, with a spear, with a club. I drag my knuckles up a hill and like my ape-like predecessors, return tired, happy and covered in blood.

Everything changes. Nothing changes at all.”

- Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown | Glasgow, Scotland.

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