sexta-feira, junho 30, 2017


▲ From Sweden, about our debut album:
«Portugal is more than Lisbon and Cristiano Ronaldo (...) Stoner/Doom band Lâmina offers a cohese and genre-wide debut album. (...) Lâmina is a new experience (...) They play a mix of the stoner / hard rock that sounded around 2000 with some elements of doom and 60's psychedelia. As an extra spice to the pot, the vocals have a little dash of shoegaze, It could be too much good stuff at once, but it doesn't feel so. (...) One of our favorite songs is "Evil Rising"; with its Sabbath-esque chorus and its heroic doom groove, is a pathway for the album's absolute highlight, "Maze". It is the band's Holy Grail and during the 20 minute track, elements of the aforementioned genres and a dose of post-rock are woven together in a delicate way. (...) "In The Warmth Of Lilith" is a slow doom embrace, a very worthy conclusion with its colourful guitar play and its grieving vocals.» ▲

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