quarta-feira, agosto 20, 2014

Howard Phillips Lovecraft faria hoje 124 anos

"Yet when I looked from that highest of all gable windows, looked while the candles sputtered and the insane viol howled with the night-wind, I saw no city spread below, and no friendly lights gleaming from remembered streets, but only the blackness of space illimitable; unimagined space alive with motion and music, and having no semblance to anything on earth. And as I stood there looking in terror, the wind blew out both the candles in that ancient peaked garret, leaving me in savage and impenetrable darkness with chaos and pandemonium before me, and the daemon madness of that night-baying viol behind me."

 - H. P. Lovecraft
in The Music of Erich Zann,
conto escrito em Dezembro de 1921
e publicado pela 1.ª vez em Março de 1922
na National Amateur

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