terça-feira, julho 22, 2014

"The Lisbon-based experimental outfit A Favola da Medusa has at its core the trio of multi-instrumentalist Miguel Martins, guitarist Filipe Homem Fonseca and harpist Ana Dias, with the focus on dadaist free-rock aesthetics. Joined by guests Sonia Montenegro, Bernardo Nascimento, George Haslam, and Rebecca Gradissimo, this collection of live and studio sessions is what avant-garde is all about. Soundscapes that drone and shout, dissonance that morphs into tiny expressions and massive constructs, and the sudden emergence of melodic interludes from the brutal din of dissonance that switch the perspective 180 degrees. Supremely engaging."

- A impressionante e impressionada review de Dave Summer ao nosso disco. Sabe bem ler isto.

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